Why Partner with Red River Bookkeeping?

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As a small business owner myself, I know you’re busy wearing many hats just keeping your business running. Your time is best spent running your business and not on bookkeeping, QuickBooks, your taxes, or other back office functions. That’s where I can save you literally dozens, if not hundreds, of hours of learning curves. I spend all year long on QuickBooks products, and the QuickBooks Ecosystem, so it’s highly likely I can quickly help you find solutions to your questions, issues, and challenges. The extra time I spend getting training, going to conferences, and earning certifications allows me to serve you better and to be able to suggest accounting and QuickBooks tips, solutions, and even software products and third party apps that will improve your company’s efficiency. 
  • Tiffeny has been of great value to our company and me. Her expertise of taking our company from desktop Quickbooks to online Quickbooks was truly a pleasure. Her knowledge of bookkeeping and general business has been a tremendous help in the day to day operation of our company. This allows us to focus on the electrical contracting business. We couldn't do it without her.
    -Services provided | Bookkeeping.
  • Before we started working with Red River Bookkeeping, bookkeeping was a major worry. I'm just not very good at it. Thanks to Tiffeny and her team, we have been able to focus on growing our business, and not dreading what important filing deadline we forgot about. I read that fastest way to improve your business is to focus on where you're strong and delegate where you're not. So get out there, start selling, and rest assured that Tiffeny will have you covered.
    -Services provided | Ongoing Bookkeeping Services
  • I had never used QuickBooks before. Tiffeny walked me through the basics and is available when I have further questions. She provides great value at a reasonable rate. Tiffeny is timely in her execution and response time. It is a pleasure working with her and utilizing QuickBooks for my business.
    -Services provided | Bookkeeping

Review of QuickBooks Data

Are there balances in your data that don’t make sense to you? Is your file running slow, or not behaving in the way it should? Are there open transactions that you are sure have been paid?  Are your list’s out of control? Don’t live with bad data. Let our QuickBooks ProAdvisors perform a thorough review of your file.  We will provide a list of recommendations to correct the issues. If you choose to let us make the corrections, the cost of the review will be applied to the Cleanup Project of QuickBooks Data.