Tiffeny Michelli

Hey, it’s okay if QuickBooks intimidates you. It used to intimidate me.

It’s true.  Before using QuickBooks, I spent 15 years as the Accounting Manager for a consulting firm which used complex industry specific software. I was introduced to QuickBooks when I became the Accounting Manager for a CPA firm. Most of our client used QuickBooks, and if they didn’t we quickly converted them. That’s when I feel in love with the ease of QuickBooks, and I got to witness firsthand how businesses from many different industries benefited from that ease.

I also observed the mess users would get themselves into when QuickBooks was not setup properly, or when improper workflows were followed. Cleaning up those messes for tax returns quickly became my specialty. I learned tips and tricks, and discovered that I enjoyed educating my clients. I got such satisfaction from providing even the smallest amount of help.

Seven years ago, I moved to a much smaller town, along the banks of the Red River, and discovered a need for QuickBooks ProAdvisors. I also had wanderlust, and wanted to incorporate as much travel into my life as I could.  So, I decided to fill that gap, and opened my own QuickBooks consulting business. It required a lot of hard work and dedication, but it’s been worth it! I’ve had the opportunity to help dozens of small businesses, in every stage of business development. All the technology available now allows me to work remotely, which give me the opportunity to travel. Honestly, it’s the perfect combination for me.

Getting the help you need should be easy, and that’s what I provide for my clients. So, let me help you with your QuickBooks and back office needs, and you can help me travel! Sounds perfect, right?!?